READING ROTA Dec 2014 to April 2015


Please check the Rota to ensure you are available and at church on that day. If you cannot make it

please try and swap with another member of the Rota to ensure we always have readers.

You can review the day's reading in advance by going to the Universalis:Mass page using this link.

Scroll down on the right to view the 1st and 2nd Readings for the mass on that date.

If you are interested in reading at church, please ask Adam Pennial or Chris Long to be added to the Rota -

we are always looking for volunteers to help with this extremely important role at Church.

Sidesmen April-June 2015

05. James L. & Patricia 
12. Debra & Jeannetta 
19. Maddy & Patrick 
26. Catherine & Lawrence

03. Jeannetta & Debra 
10. Maddy & Patrick 
17. Patricia 
24. Catherine

07. Wendy & Debra 
14. Maddy & Patrick 
21. Patricia 
28. Catherine


If you would like to be part the Sidesmen team please speak to Patricia who will add you onto the rota. Sides' volunteers

make an extremely valuable contribution in welcoming new members of the congregation and, as the first people visitors see at Church,

can make that very important first impression as representatives of the congregation.

If you can't make a particular date, please try to swap dates where you can.


Fr, Mark, Fr Richard, Alan & Bill would like to thank ALL our volunteers for all they do for the Church in their respected roles

every week.